South Florida Ants

Sugar Ants/Ghost Ants

Ants drinking sugar water (2 of 3)

Ghost or Sugar ants are typical household pests found throughout south and central Florida.  This type of ant loves sugar and water, so they are typically found in the kitchen and bathroom areas of your home.  These ants do not bite or sting, but they will get into food items and are typically thought of as a nuisance.
How to prevent them: Cleanliness and keeping all food items in air tight containers is an important step in managing these pests.  
How we treat them: Beach Environmental has a secret formula for the bait that will eliminate Sugar ants in no time.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are commonly found throughout Florida and other surrounding states.  They do not feed off of the wood, but they excavate it to make nests and tunnels for their young.  This ant feeds off of sweets and proteins found both inside and outside of the home. Carpenter Ants are nocturnal and are usually only seen at night foraging for food.  This ant not only can cause structural damage but they also bite, so watch out. 
How to prevent them:  It is a good idea to remove any mulch that is touching the base of your home and to cut all foliage off of your home; this prevents another infestations.
How we treat them: We are trained at finding Carpenter Ant colonies so that we can eliminate them at the source. 

White Footed Ants

White Footed Ants are only found in parts of central and south Florida.  They get their name because they actually have white feet. 
How to prevent them: This ant likes to eat sugary substances and they are usually found in kitchens, bathrooms and by windows. They do not bite or sting but they do get into your food. 
How we treat them: These ants are some of the hardest to get rid of because they have multiple colonies with multiple queens and they do not bring their food back to the colony to share with other ants.  This makes a typical bait treatment impossible to eradicate because the alone does not eliminate the colony. Many treatment methods have to be used together to get rid of and prevent these pests.  

Big Headed Ants

Big Headed Ants are an invasive species to Florida and have been spreading throughout the south Florida region.  These ants are going to displace many ants native to Florida.  This ant species feeds off of both sugars and proteins, inside and outside of homes.
How to prevent them:  commonly these ants leave mud tubes and dirt inside of homes.  Restricting access is needed to solve this ant problem so keep all foliage off of the roof and house.
How we treat them: This ant species is very difficult to get rid of because there are usually multiple colonies across multiple property lines. 

Fire Ants

Fire ants are found all over the southern United States, but they are very common in Florida.  They get their name by their red coloring and their burning sting.  This ant lives in colonies of dirt mounds that can be found in the yard, bushes and shrubs.
How to prevent them: Keeping a close eye on your yard, trash piles, dead leaves and trash cans.
How we treat them: It is important to get a fire ant problem treated especially because they leave welts on the body and a lot of people have an allergic reaction to their sting.


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